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ERP System
ERP System
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Designing applications with FlutterFlow involves using a visual interface to build the appearance and functionality of the application without writing code. Through the visual editor, users can design screens, add interactive components, establish interactions, and customize visual styles. This allows you to quickly create attractive and functional user interfaces, simplifying the application development process for those without programming experience.

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App for the psychosocial care of workers, featuring video capsules, chat with psychologists, and a list of upcoming events.
ERP System
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FlutterFlow also allows you to add custom functionality and has the ability to add specific logic and features through the use of code. Users can integrate additional functionality by writing code in Dart, the programming language used in Flutter. This allows you to extend the capabilities of the application beyond the options provided by the visual editor. Additionally, by developing custom functionality, developers can integrate the application with external APIs, manipulate data, and implement specific business logic. Development in FlutterFlow is an agile and collaborative process, combining visual design with the ability to write code to efficiently create custom, high-performance applications.

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